”Doctrine” Journalists’ Military Research Center (Azerbaijan)

The “Doctrine” Journalists’ Military Research Center (Azerbaijan) was created in 2005, May. That time Azerbaijan signed the İndividual Partnership Action Plan (İPAP) with NATO. Beginning from that time Doctrine

Doctrine Journalists' Military Research Center

experts have began to research numerous documents which were signed between Azerbaijan and NATO and its implementation to Azerbaijan Armed Forces. Doctrine Center registred by Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan in 2007, December.

Doctrine center supports the developing military journalist’s sector investigates informations about events in military and defence sector, popularizes military issues in civil society. There are 12 military experts, journalists and political analysts in Doctrine military center.

Our aims

– First, investigation the events and process in military and defence sector in Azerbaijan, clearness the success and problems, preparation tactic’s and strategic’s prognosis about military reforms and support to public to get information about military and defence sector,
– Second, the creation partnership with journalists who work and prepare articles about military issues in different media. Doctrine Center supports to increasing proffessional approach in military journalism in Azerbaijan,
– Third, investigation the relationship and partnership of Azerbaijan with different states and international organisations on defence and security sector, researching the military – political events and geostrategic situation in South Caucasus.

Doctrine Center’s experts lead monitoring about deaths and casualties in defence and security sector of Azerbaijan since 2005. Doctrine Center’s experts are monitoring about reforms in defence and security sector of Azerbaijan, in this direction experts take to consideration the full range of documents which were signed between Azerbaijan and NATO. In additionally, Doctrine Center as member of SeDEP (Security, Democracy and Economical Progress) Coalition participates in preparing process for annual reports about human rights in Azerbaijan Armed Forces.

Doctrine Center fulfilled the project about The developing of culture of getting information in military sector supported by Open Society Instutute Asistance Foundation (OSI AF) Azerbaijan. Doctrine Center had realized the project about The preparation the legislation’s suggestions which will increased welfare of militarian in Azerbaijan army supported by The Council of State Support to NGOs under the President of Azerbaijan. And our last project was about the strengthen of support of Azerbaijan civil society for Azerbaijan on struggle against terrorism.

Jasur Mammadov (Sumerinli)
The director of Doctrine JMRC