Center Doctrine: in 20 years of ceasefire on the front 610 Azerbaijani soldiers

The Journalistic Investigation Center Doctrine published the statistics of killed and wounded Azeri soldiers on the front line since the entry into force of the ceasefire on 12 May 1994.As stated by the head of Doctrine, Jasur Sumerinli, for 20 years 610 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed by enemy bullets. The total number of injured exceeds 710 people.This information is based on the monitoring of the media, information from military sources, the data received from the parents of soldiers.Moreover, in the period under review 120 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed by mines. Another 200 soldiers were wounded by mine explosions.For 20 years enemy bullets killed 15 civilians, with more than 40 wounded.Blown up by mines and killed were 18 civilians, while 25 were injured.In the period under review 9 civilians were taken hostage and later released.Thirty Azerbaijani soldiers were captured by the enemy. Five of them were sent to a third country and the rest were returned.However, Doctrine does not exclude that the aforementioned indexes can be above the mentioned figures.