Center “Doctrine”: 38 persons are died, 63 persons were wounded or injured in Defense and Security Sector

foto2Today (June 1, 2014) “Doctrine” Journalists’ Military Research Center (“Doctrine” JMRC) announced the statistics of the losses in the security and defense sector of Azerbaijan in 2014. According to Jasur Mammadov (Sumerinli), the head of the NGO, 38 persons are dead, 63 persons were wounded or injured in Defense and Security Sector of Azerbaijan Republic in five months of 2014.

Fatal casualties in the Karabakh conflict zone amounted to 11 persons, including 8 killed by bullets of Armenian armed forces and 3 persons was blown up on a landmine.

Non-combat losses amounted to 27 persons, including 1 person, died under unidentified circumstances, 6 persons, died from diseases, 6 persons, perished in car accidents, 4 persons, killed as a result of using of weapons against each other and acting carelessly and 10 persons committed suicide. 33 from Ministry of Defense, 3 from Ministry of Justice, 1 from Internal Troops of MIA and 1 from State Border Service.

According to the “Doctrine” JMRC 63 persons wounded or injured in last five months. 15 were injured in illegal activities, 5 attempted to suicide, 10 wounded from Armenian sniper, 8 were injured from landmine, 21 were injured from car accident,  1 was in accident, 2 were in exercise, 1 was poisoned. 55 from Ministry of Defense, 4 from Internal Troops of MIA, 3 from State Border Service and 1 from Ministry of Justice.

According to “Doctrine” JMRC, statistics was compiled on the basis of media monitoring of single messages of the MoD and other official sources.

 “Doctrine” JMRC Information Department