The New Ministry of Defense against the Corruption?

Colonel-general Zakir Hasanov, Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Republic, declared that struggle against corruption in Armed Forces will be continued. “I want to make a note that mister president had special tasks related with this. If someone wants to embezzle something which is belonging to the soldiers, or state, the serious fight has been held against them and it will continue”, – he told in his interview to ANS TV.

According to the Zakir Hasanov, “despite of the rank, position, all activities will be implemented according to the law”.

zakir-hasanov“Unfortunately, these kinds of cases were occurred in Armed Forces. We try to prevent these cases and we will do it. If I say that we already prevented it, once tomorrow something might be happened, therefore nobody can say about that, there is not any statement about final preventing the corruption in any state. It is not possible. But the degree of struggle against corruption, it is the indicator of that. Today the struggle against corruption in Armed Forces is very serious. In meetings, I repeatedly made a note that if it (corruption – editor) comes to someone’s mind, he should change its opinion from now. Because, sooner or later it will be discovered. At the same time I want to say there are the results of our struggle”, – Zakir Hasanov said.

“You now, it is not difficult to get information in Azerbaijan. Everybody is familiar to each other, they are relative, or they send information to each other. We have already known that there is development in the supply of our soldiers, in frontline and other military units. Besides the supply, other issues – social equality, recruitment is under serious control. We will not allow to someone to abuse of official duty in this direction”, – he said.